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You can buy a real French resident permit card online also known as Carte de séjour from our company at driving rates. You do not have to visit places to get this permit in your hand. Connect with our company today via our official website and submit your personalized requirements. We promise to deliver the same at the earliest. Contact now!

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Buy France resident permit online at reasonable prices. At this company, you will have an opportunity to get your work accomplished by the experts who are working in this industry for an extended period. They have successfully gained ample experience and apply the same in every project or work they get to do. And, when it comes to making resident permits, they turn out to be pro in them.

If you want to buy a resident permit in France(Titre de séjour), then no company would serve you better than All Genuine Documents do. We make each document with the specification with full efforts and dedication. A resident permit works as a document that helps you live in a country for a specific time period with legal power. We understand the importance of this document and offering this service to all the needy around the world.

You can buy the real resident permit online from our company at driving rates. You do not have to visit places to get this permit in your hand. Connect with our company today via our official website and submit your personalized requirements. We promise to deliver the same at the earliest. Contact now!

In France, the resident card is a residence permit that allows a foreigner to reside on French territory for a period of 10 years or more.

A certain number of foreigners can automatically benefit from a resident card, under certain conditions.

This is particularly the case for:

  • the foreign child of a French national on the condition of being at most 21 years old or being dependent on his parents, and holding a long-stay visa
  • relatives of a French national and their spouse who are dependent on them, provided they hold a long-stay visa
  • foreigners with a work accident or occupational disease annuity paid by a French organization and whose permanent incapacity rate is at least 20%, as well as the heirs of a foreigner, beneficiaries of a death pension for an accident at work or occupational disease
  • the foreigner who served in a combat unit of the French army or in the Foreign Legion
  • foreigner with refugee status as well as his spouse and children under 19
  • the stateless person with three years of legal residence in France as well as their spouse and children under 19 years.
  • foreigners who meet the conditions for acquiring French nationality by reason of their birth in France
  • for anyone who contributes significantly to the French economy, known as an exceptional economic contribution

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12 reviews for France Resident Permit

  1. Adam

    These guys are the best of the best. Thanks again Gates. You’re the man!
    I loved the France Resident Permit quality. I will be back for more deals if the resident permit pass police check as you said too.

  2. Stanislava

    The best service for the Paris area .

  3. S. Ramirez

    This company is awesome, anyone who complains is probably lying…they always deliver real products and friendly staff…don’t believe negative post about this company…

  4. Gallegos

    This will now be my go to whenever I need a document for France.
    My French resident permit from them is actually good to travel with. I used it last week and could wait no more to come and thank them publicly for their quality service and honesty.

  5. Franck

    Je ne peux pas en dire assez sur les aime

  6. Yin tan

    Every transaction has been the same. Pleasant and helpful service, Morgan stay in contact and quality consistently top notch. Keep up the good work.

  7. Poljak

    This is the second time I have ordered from them and they have failed to deliver the second order on time. Its now sunday and they are closed so I wont get my delivery even though I ordered before they closed on Wednesday and received a confirmation text thanking me for my order.

  8. Herceg

    Excellent service et gens très gentils..Ils m’ont beaucoup aidé .. J’ai une anxiété sévère..Ils m’ont aidé à obtenir les documents français à bon prix..Merci …

  9. Park Liang

    Absolutely the best out there. Great customer service and response/delivery time. Ever best with the best prices out there.. A+++

  10. Orieta Paul

    If anyone needs a legit document, let him or her contact these people. They can be trusted. I have bought from them twice and they were all the time honest and fast and make sure that you are happy with their service

  11. Blaga Dujmović

    10 Stars from me..Been a customer for at least 2 years now..never disappointed..great and friendly and fast shipping. do their best to be convient for you..real documents regularly..No need to look any further than ALL GENUINE DOCUMENTS

  12. Moise la Merveille

    Merci beaucoup M. Morgan
    J’ai récupéré mon permis de séjour et j’ai vérifié qu’il est valide comme vous l’aviez promis.
    Merci beaucoup monsieur. Je serai ton client pour toujours

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